I’m a cheap-skate. There. It’s out there. If I can find a way to save money, I will. Discount codes, cashback sites, reward points. They all make me tick.

But how do you spot a bargain pair of shoes, and are designer shoes really worth the money? With some shoe brands you get what you pay for. Many high end designers use beautiful materials, and manufacture their products in small European factories packed with true craftspeople. Be careful though, as not all expensive shoes are well-made, and some use their brand name to charge more than the true value of their footwear.

So can you get well-made shoes on the High Street? Yes!

I was at a launch party on Wednesday for comfortable, beautiful brand Morena Morena. There was a live recording of a podcast with Dawn O’Porter interviewing Melanie C, Gok Wan, and Glamour mag editor Jo Elvin.

Melanie C was wearing these fabulous 5″ Jimmy Choo boots.

But savvy shopper and fashionista extraordinaire Jo Elvin selected this pointed pair from…



If they’re good enough for the long reigning Glamour magazine editor, affordable shoes are certainly good enough for us. You could even splurge the cash you’ve been saving for a pair of Louboutins on a holiday.

For more tips on how to spot great quality footwear on the High Street, download my book The Shoe Shopping Kit.

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