With only a few short weeks until Mini Shoe Consultant is due to arrive into this world, I thought it appropriate to expose my pregnancy shoe comfort secret.

It is recommended to wear flats when you’re pregnant to help support your changing centre of gravity, avoid back pain, and prevent slips and falls. I found I had to temporarily retire even my most comfortable wedges fairly early on, due to the extra weight on the balls of my hard-working feet.

I owe much of the contentment my feet have experienced throughout my pregnancy to a particular pair of shoes.


My Nike Air Max Thea trainers perfectly suited the sport-lux trend this year, meaning I could get away with wearing them with all but the dressiest items in my wardrobe. They’re not available in all black now, but the white-soled versions are just as chic.

Now my big toes have nearly come through the uppers, and the heel linings have almost worn away, I thought it was time to replace my beloved footwear with something suitable for an aspiring MILF.

Reluctant to hang up my own personal style on the door of the labour ward, I thought now was the time to treat myself to a somewhat blingy early Christmas present.

Time to graduate into a different colourway of my favourite comfortable shoes: Bronze/Black Air Max Thea.

I hope these will encourage me to get out and lose the baby weight. Maybe I won’t be so eager to get back into my heels now…

Which were your favourite shoes during pregnancy? Let me know in the comments or on FacebookInstagram or Twitter.

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