First of all, make sure you read tip 1tip 2 and tip 3: these all contain essential knowledge you’ll wish you’d always known about shoes.

The fourth fact that you will love being armed with when high-heel shopping, is about the position of the heel.

Get the right balance

Many people believe that block heels are the only way to go, if you want to feel stable when wearing a higher heel. Actually the reality is not quite as simple as that.

What you need in order to provide optimum support and balance for your body, is for the tips of your heels to be aligned with your centre of gravity. The graphic below shows that a heel aligned with the centre of your leg will usually do the trick.



In fact you could have a block heel which is set quite far back on the shoe, which doesn’t provide much support. You could also have a stiletto which is so perfectly placed on your shoes, that you don’t wobble when wearing them.

You’ll get used to how this looks and feels when you’re shoe shopping. A quick way to know how supportive your high heels are is to try the shelf wobble test. Give the shoe a poke from the side when it’s on a flat surface, and if it wobbles then you – the wearer – will too. Well-made, well-balanced shoes don’t have shelf wobble.


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