My friend alerted me to this Wired feature, about how collectible sneakers kept for many years, can disintegrate. Can you imagine spending all of your spare cash collecting something which then falls apart on first wear?

My advice to you is not to buy shoes to squirrel away. Buy them to wear and love now. Here are five reasons why:

1. They might fall apart.

The Wired article explores in great detail the horrible things that can happen to trainers. This is equally true of many other types of footwear. Most ladies shoes are held together with glue, and many soles incorporate some PU elements. These materials are both susceptible to what I call shoe-rot.

Boots kept for 12 years and then worn again

2. Even if the glue somehow holds together, it might turn yellow with age.

This is particularly obvious on fabric in light colours, and can ruin the look. The likelihood is that with a few wears, any yellowed glue will also lose its adhesive strength.

Yellow tide mark of glue just above the sole

3. Trends never come back in the same way.

I have seen several distinctive shoe fads come back around again. Each time a trend comes back, it is altered somewhat, to fit into the current era. It could be anything from details such as hardware or studs, to the toe shape, heel height, colour, or texture which updates a retro look.

80s night

4. Your feet might change.

If your feet spread when you get pregnant or with age, you may find that your shoe size changes, or you need to start wearing wider shoes. If you have invested a lot of money into acquiring many pairs of beautiful shoes which fit your feet perfectly, it would come as an unpleasant surprise if you couldn’t wear your collection any more.

30 weeks pregnant

5. Your style will evolve.

No matter how sure of our style we are at any particular stage in life, our personal development and changing roles can alter the way we want to dress, or choose to be perceived. Don’t let your old shoes hold you back from your own evolution.


Are you a shoe collector, or do you have frequent clear-outs? Let me know in the comments or on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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